Well. I completely missed posting my April book recap so now you get two months in one. The last two months have been slower reading months for me. I just haven’t been able to find that next great read as quickly as I was in the beginning of the year. That’s ok! Summer is here which means more time floating in the pool with a good book. I’ve decided to make these reviews quick snapshots for a quick read.

April Books

The Grace Kelly Dress by Brenda Janowitz

One dress painstakingly made to emulate Grace Kelly’s infamous wedding gown is worn by three generations of women on their special day. All the wedding drama makes for a fun and enchanting book.

The Lost Apothecary by Sarah Penner

Aspiring historian, Caroline, discovers an old apothecary vile in the River Thames. Has she found a simple bottle or could this be a link to London’s long unsolved apothecary murders? I chose this book simply for the gorgeous cover and luckily loved the loved the story just as much.

The Women of Chateau Lafayette by Stephanie Dray

From the glittering castle of Versailles and the French and American Revolutions to a chateau during World War II e follow one woman’s story and the legacy she inspired other women to uphold. Based on the true events of Adrienne Lafayette, wife of American Revolution hero, Gilbert Lafayette, and the chateau they called home. This was without a doubt my favorite book of April. I didn’t want it to end!

The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo by Taylor Jenkins Reid

Glamorous 1950’s Hollywood actress, Evelyn Hugo, shares the intimate stories of her seven husbands with young magazine writer, Monique. Which one was the love her life? This book had a wonderful twist at the end. This would make a great beach read for your summer reading list.

May Books

The Last Night in London by Karen White

An American journalist interviews Precious Dubois about her time as a fashion model during World War II. As the story unfolds we meet Eva Harlow her ambitious friend who is trying desperately to reinvent herself but finds herself caught in a web of spies and intrigue. Who will betray who? I have loved all Karen White’s books and this one was no different. A must read!

The Woman with the Blue Star by Pam Jenoff

This book tells the story of Sadie Gault, a young Jewish girl in Krakow, Poland in 1942. Her family escapes the ghetto and the Nazis through the sewers where they live until they are able to escape with the help of a friend Sadie makes at the sewer grate. Although this story is not based on a real person, the author notes at the end of the book that several Jewish families did escape through the sewers and live there for some time. I can’t imagine! This book was difficult to read at times and took me longer than normal to read because of that. I have also read several books by Pam Jenoff and this one has been my least favorite.

The Paris Wife by Paula McLain

This is the story of Hadley Richardson, the first wife of Ernest Hemingway, and their marriage. The author notes that although the characters are based on people who actually lived, the book is fiction. But…she did write their lives as accurately possible based on the very well documented history of Ernest Hemingway and his life. My husband and I were recently in Key West and got to tour Ernest Hemingway’s home there. I bought the book in Key West at Books & Books @ The Studios of Key West. I love to visit a local independent bookshop when I travel and this one was spectacular just like the book. I loved this book and found myself researching throughout the read to learn more details.

The Rose Code by Kate Quinn

Three young women meet at the beginning of World War II when they each take a post at Bletchley Park. Bletchley Park was responsible for breaking the Egnima codes used by the Germans during the war to communicate. These women become the closest of friends but are ultimately torn apart. Then in 1947 two of the women receive an encrypted note. Will they be able to save someone from their past and regain a lost friendship? Loved, loved this book!

Well, that’s a wrap for April and May. I hope you find your next great read!

1 Comments on “April & May Book Recap”

  1. ❤️❤️❤️ your reviews!! Just added more books to my library requests. You have not steered me wrong yet!!!


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