Alright…alright…alright. Let’s talk about Greenlights by Matthew McConaughey. Memoir is definitely not my go to genre but I chose this book as one of my reads to complete my Reading Challenge. Why this book? Well, I’m from Texas and in Texas we love Matthew McConaughey. Honestly, I think he’s a great story teller. I was surprised to find that I enjoyed this book as much as I did. Time to step on the gas and get to the review.

I’ll start by saying that I listened to three different podcasts where he was interviewed about this book before I read it. I enjoy listening to podcasts while I walk our dog and all of his interviews were interesting but slightly repetitive.

So…the first 100 pages…I had already heard all of those stories. Did the stories have more details…yes. There were also excerpts from his diaries that he has kept for the past 35 years and several pictures. But, I was concerned. Last year I read a personal development book and honestly I should use the term read loosely in this example. By page 50 I knew I had heard all of the stories and examples that author was writing about already through their social media outlets. Note to those writing memoirs or personal development. If I can hear or find the same story or lesson on social media, please do not put it in your book. Your book should have original, never before printed stories or information. Original…like you.

Then on page 104 Matthew begins telling the story of how he got the role of Wooderson in Dazed and Confused. By page 108 I was laughing out loud. I had to stop reading, find my oldest son, and read an excerpt to him. We laughed together! Books…bringing people together! Love!

From that story through the end of the book I truly enjoyed reading the stories of his life. His reflections on what he’s learned from his experiences are insightful. The meaning behind the title is all about catching greenlights in life. Those moments of yes, of moving forward, of pivoting, of hard work, of not giving up when the lights are red or yellow. Turn those reds and yellows to greenlights. I think after 2020 we could all use a little encouragement to go chase our greenlights. As Matthew McConaughey would say, just keep livin.

2 Comments on “Greenlights”

  1. I’m Barbara Oros of Dallas and am Corinne Rogers’ mom. She frequently sends me reading selections from your blog. I belong to a book club, so always looking for good reads to recommend.
    One of our members is reading Greenlight and raves about it. I, too, am not much on autobiographies, but I know Matthew McConaughey is a Texas icon. I like romance and “feel good” stories, but being in a book club 14 years has made me read out of my comfort zone, which is exactly the purpose.
    A friend just gave me a title that looks interesting—Under the Tulip Tree by Shocklee. Reviews look good so looking forward to reading it.


    • Hello Barbara! My favorite thing about book clubs is getting exposed to books you wouldn’t normally pick. I’m adding Under the Tulip Tree to my TBR list right now! Thank you for the suggestion!


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