Today I am 50, a half century old. How is that possible? I certainly don’t feel like I’m 50 years old. I’m also sure that there are several people who think I don’t act 50 either. LOL!!! And, really, let’s all be thankful for that. But in all seriousness, life seems very long sometimes but in reality it goes by so very fast. So, here we are at the beginning of my 50th year. I have no intentions of sitting and relaxing during this year, the first year of the next half century of my life. I plan on living every moment in the sun! This year will be about new experiences, new travels, and new accomplishments. With that in mind, I’ve created a blueprint to follow this year. Fifty things to experience, accomplish, travel to, read, give in my fiftieth year. Yes, some are frivolous, but life would be no fun at all without a few frivolous endeavors. Besides, if you can’t be bold at 50, then when?

I’ll be writing to you often this year to share my experiences. I’m counting on you to keep my accountable. Don’t let me sit on my laurels! Fifty and fabulous, my dear!

Cheers my friend!

P.S. I’m including my list for you. Enjoy! Now…time to pop the champagne!

50 @ Fifty


  1. Skydive
  2. Get my CHL
  3. Date night once a month
  4. Take a photo every day – post on social media stories
  5. Find the perfect red lipstick
  6. Learn a new language
  7. Get laser hair removal
  8. Try a new recipe every week
  9. Create a vision board
  10. See a movie @ a drive in
  11. Send a post card to a friend each month
  12. Develop a life changing morning routine
  13. Leave a $100 tip
  14. Write Tommy a love letter
  15. Host a champagne brunch
  16. Send flowers to a friend for no reason
  17. Create a cocktail recipe and name it after me
  18. Have epic family photos taken
  19. Have a picnic on our lot – dream & make plans
  20. Go skinny dipping
  21. Have an outdoor movie night @ home
  22. Enjoy coffee watching the sun rise at least once a week – no technology
  23. Finally create a classic French capsule wardrobe for each season
  24. Treat myself to an extravagant gift


  1. Visit Disneyland
  2. Visit Walt Disney World
  3. Go on a cruise
  4. Girls trip
  5. 50th birthday trip with Tommy
  6. Go Glamping
  7. Stay @ Hotel Emma in San Antonio
  8. Take all the photos on one trip with an instant camera


  1. Book 50 vacations for clients
  2. Write 100 blog posts
  3. Learn SEO
  4. Learn Pinterest marketing
  5. Start an email list


  1. Lose 4 lbs. every month
  2. Bike 50 miles per month
  3. Complete workout calendar for year
  4. Drink a protein shake every day
  5. Try a new workout class
  6. Drink at least 64 oz of water every day


  1. Read 50 books
  2. Write a book review for every book read
  3. Apply to What Should I Read Next podcast
  4. Read 5 business/personal development books
  5. Leave a message in a book I love for the next person to find
  6. Keep a gratitude journal
  7. Publish an e-book

Bonus – Do one thing that scares me!

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