First, let me say that I have LOVED every book I’ve read by Natasha Lester. She is a master story teller. The three novels I’ve read are all World War II historical fiction and have strong female characters. Let’s talk about The Paris Secret.

Skye Penrose is determined to do her part to fight the Nazis the only way she knows how, flying. Even though the Royal Air Force does not allow women, Skye and a group of women begin transporting planes to different bases for the boys to take flight in battle. Liberty Penrose is the sister she left behind in France. Will they meet again?

While flying, she runs into Nicholas, a childhood friend, who is now all grown up. 😉 The problem…he’s already engaged to Margaux. But through a twist of events, Skye becomes friends with Margaux and later meets Catherine Dior.

The novel is told in corresponding stories. Skye and Kat Jourdan who is a present day fashion conservator who comes across a closet full of Christian Dior dresses in her grandmother, Margaux’s closet. The dresses include a spectacular blue gown without a label. During Kat’s search for the gown’s origin she finds more questions than answers.

I loved Skye from the very first moment and you will too as she cartwheels into your heart. ❤️ If you’re looking for a book about a strong woman determined to live her life on her own terms, look no further.

What have you been reading lately?

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