I don’t how we already got here but November is upon us. November starts the season of more family gatherings and colder weather. So with that in mind, the November Book Flight includes books revolving around family. Love, friendships, betrayals, tragedies, and celebrations all define families. Family is complicated and beautiful. The stories I’m sharing this month have all these qualities and so much more. Two of these books brought me to tears while reading. I love a read that elicits real, visceral emotions. A couple of these books are longer, over 400 pages. I enjoy a longer, heavier read in the colder months. A warm fire in the fireplace, a steaming cup of coffee on an early morning or a glass of wine in the evening with a long read is the perfect fall moment. Do you agree?

📚 Book Flight 🍷 ☕️

Somerset by Leila Meacham

This is the prequel novel to Roses. I found Roses many years ago while browsing at Barnes and Noble. The jacket summary described it as the Texas Gone With The Wind. Well, that was all I had to know. Gone With The Wind by Margaret Mitchell is one of the best books ever written. And, frankly, my dear, I don’t give a damn if you agree or not. 😂 Honestly, though, I love a long generational story. Those stories typically involve a family home or land and this story is no different. Silas Toliver and Jeremy Warwick are friends from antebellum South Carolina who decide to head west to the inky landscape of Texas. Texas, friendship, and family…things are bound to get complicated. I do believe I will read both this book and Roses again before the end of the year. This time I will read them in chronological order instead of the order in which they were written.

Before We Were Yours by Lisa Wingate

This book was inspired by a true story. The Tennessee Children’s Home Society was an orphanage operated in Tennessee in the first half of the twentieth century. The Memphis location was operated by Georgia Tann and was found to have been involved with kidnapping children and then the illegal adoptions of those children.

This fictional book follows the story of the Foss children who were kidnapped and brought to the Tennessee Children’s Home Society. The story is told both in present day through, Avery Stafford, who is helping her father, when she learns some disturbing facts about her family history. It is also told through flashbacks from Rill, one of the Foss children. This story is gut wrenchingly shocking. There simply is no other way to explain it. The very idea that, although this story is fictional, the kidnapping and illegal adoptions of so many children did happen is…hard to read at some times. But, it has without a doubt been one of the best books I have ever read.

Dreams of Falling by Karen White

This book is set in the Lowcountry of South Carolina and follows the lives of three young girls who vow to be friends forever, come what may. The story is told from Larkin’s perspective, who is the daughter of one of the three friends. Like most of Karen White’s books there is just a hint of magic or folklore in this book. Larkin will discover that magic as well as hidden secrets that have been buried for almost 50 years. Secrets that tested the friendship of three young girls. I have loved every book I have read from Karen White and this one was no different. Although it comes in at 404 pages, it is a quick and thoroughly enjoyable read.

Wunderland by Jennifer Cody Epstein

I read several fictional books about World War II each year. I am drawn to historical fiction over and over again, specifically World War II historical fiction. This book tells the story of two friends, Isle and Renate at the beginning of World War II – one Jewish, one not. Isle is a young German girl who becomes more and more fascinated by the Hitler Youth and her participation in the organization. Renate is her Jewish childhood best friend. This books takes several twists and turns I was not expecting. I especially liked reading the story as told by Isle’s point of view. Historical fiction books written from the perspective of the Nazi German are not easily found. This book really made me think about how a young girl, who was hearing one message from her Nazi parents and then spending time with her best friend who was on the other side of that message, copes with conflicting emotions and moral questions. It’s really a timeless exploration in right from wrong and where your morals may be put to the test based on society.

The Paris Secret by Natasha Lester

As with last month, I’m including one book I have not yet read. I found this book at Costco. I don’t think I have ever gone to Costco without purchasing a book. 😂 I have read two other books by the same author and loved them both. All three books are historical fiction. Shocking, I know. 😉 Look for a review in the coming weeks.

I hope you find a book on this list to enjoy this fall. I’m always looking for book recommendations. What are you reading now?

Happy Reading!

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