Top 7 Things in my Park Bag

Are you heading to Walt Disney World or Universal Orlando in the future? What I carry in my park bag has changed over the years as my children have gotten older but there are 7 essential things that have stayed the same throughout every trip. Let’s have a look! πŸ‘€

Band-aids, Wet Ones, lens wipes, hand sanitizer, tinted lip balm, Advil, hair tie.

My park bag has gotten smaller and smaller as the years have passed. These 7 items, my phone, ID, credit card, and a little cash are all I really carry anymore.

My reasoning for these 7 items…Band-aids can be found for free at guest services in the parks. But, I like to carry a few just in case. Honestly, I simply don’t want to walk to guest services if I need a Band-aid. I mean, the chances of me needing a band-aid when I’m furthest from guest services is pretty good. LOL!

I like to have Wet Ones in these individual packets whenever I travel. They are perfect for cleaning off a surface or cleaning your hands quickly. These have become the most used item in my park bag. I bring several with me in my suitcase and replenish my park bag each day.

Lens wipes are a must for me. I simply can’t get my glasses clean without them. They are perfect for your sunglasses too. Again, I pack several in my suitcase and replenish my park bag each day.

Hand sanitizer – I don’t think I need to explain the need for this. #2020

My lips get dry throughout the day and tinted lip balm comes to the rescue. I like this Burt’s Bees tinted lip balm. It’s moisturizing and has just a hint of color. No need for lipstick – bonus!

Advil is my family’s go to pain killer. Nothing ruins a day faster than a headache or sore muscles from all that walking. I will typically pack one of these small containers in my park bag as well as one in my suitcase just in case I need back-up.

And, lastly, a hair tie. I actually don’t often wear my hair up at the parks. We take A LOT of family pictures while we are in the parks and I like my hair down for pictures. BUT…just in case the weather is scorching or my hair gets wet…up it goes. πŸ˜‰

That’s it! Simple things that take up very little space. What are your park bag must haves?

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