Are you married? Do you perceive there is a certain way you should dress and act to be a good wife? In today’s world, I doubt many women think too hard about what they should wear or how they should act to be a good wife. Your perception of a wife likely comes from your experiences, how you saw other women act in their relationships. Today women want to be completely independent. I don’t disagree with that but I also believe in solid marriage. Two people joined together fighting the daily battles of life as a team. Each team member has responsibilities to the other. Those responsibilities are the recipe. The recipe for a “perfect” wife. “Perfect” because well, let’s be honest, no one is perfect. If we were all perfect, life would be pretty boring. It’s all the un-perfect qualities that make us unique. It’s also all those un-perfect qualities that most likely are the most perfect qualities of you to your spouse.

The recipe has changed over the years and Recipe for a Perfect Wife by Karma Brown explores this exact topic. The story is told by two different women. Nellie is a housewife in 1955 and Alice is a wife in 2018. In their respective times they live in the same house. They both share difficulties in their marriages and both are trying to figure out how best to navigate through those difficulties. A recipe book passed down to Nellie from her mother and the gardens in the yard of the house are central to the story.

This book was so intriguing to me. It was interesting to look through the lens of a housewife in 1955. The times have certainly changed or have they? Are the expectations of a wife all that much different than they were in 1955? You’ll need to read the book to find out.

Oh, one more thing. The books is filled with recipes that are made throughout the story. Of course I had to try one. Lemon Lavender Muffins were delicious and paired perfectly with a dollop of my Lemon Curd. Enjoy!

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