This story is about two young girls whose lives collide without knowledge during one of the most horrific times in history. World War Two has begun and families all over London and the surrounding areas are sending their children to the country to be cared for by strangers. At the same time in Germany, citizens in small villages throughout the country are struggling as the war invades their small town life.

Imogen is a young Newcastle teenager being sent to the Lake District to live during the school year. The story follows her life from this point throughout the war as she matures and eventually becomes a Wren with the Royal British Navy. She encounters all the normal experiences of a teenager…falling in love, friendships, and gaining independence from her parents.

At the same time Magda is a young teenager in a small village in Germany. While she navigates life in Nazi Germany, she constantly questions the beliefs of her countrymen while still being involved in the League of Girls. Her brother, Karl, who is attending university in London writes her a letter that will alter her life forever.

While the girls lead separate lives throughout the book, they are inexplicably connected in the end. One girl finds her voice and realizes that following her dreams of who she wants to be is so much more important than settling. Another girl finds her strength and becomes a savior for soldiers in need while also finding her passion for life.

The story is beautifully written and I found myself connected to both girls throughout the book for very different reasons. Be true to yourself! Both girls found their way to this end. Both girls found a way to harness their inner strength, to rely on their instincts.

We all aspire to find our inner strength, our inner compass. I hope this book inspires you to keep reaching for your dreams. Even in the darkest of times, your dreams are still attainable. I believe in you!

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