Cruising’ into 2020

Amphicar Ride – Disney Springs

Hello Friends!

Anyone else start 2020 with big smiles and their foot on the gas pedal, full speed ahead?

I started my year in the my favorite place, Walt Disney World, with my favorite people. One of the highlights of our trip was this amphicar Ride at Disney Springs. The Boathouse in Disney Springs is the only place in the world you can take a Captain guided tour in one of their amphicars.

These amphicars were built in the early 1960’s. They can be driven on pavement or in the water. There were originally less than 4,000 amphicars produced and today there are less than 400 remaining. The tour at The Boathouse in Disney Springs is a unique experience and that first dip into the water is thrilling. The perfect way to start my new year.

The cost of the amphicar 20 minute tour is $125 and each car sits 3-4 people plus the Captain. They take several pictures of your party before and during the amphicar ride. These pictures can be purchased after the ride or if you have the Memory Maker picture package, they are included. You simply go to the gift shop and scan your Magic Band.

I hope you cruised into 2020 with a big smile and even bigger dreams! If one of your dreams is to go Walt Disney World, I hope you’ll contact me. Together we can book and plan your magical vacation.

See ya real soon!

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